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I Love Steam Punk

As requested by Brandon - this area is for all things Steam Punk!

Henry Artist
Sep 2, 2018

While visiting a friend's workshop I found this "lightly modified" Sunbeam S7 lurking in the corner...
Aug 25, 2017

Thanks for starting the forum, I thought I would add to getting things going on a couple of occasion a group of Steampunks have visited Clay Mills Victorian Pumping Station near Burton-on-Trent Staffo
Aug 19, 2017

Thanks for opening this board! I love steampunk and machining which naturally led me to Kieth's channel and now here. This is a project motorcycle I've been slowly working on. In no way can it match K
Mar 11, 2018

So being an old man from the United States I do admit I am not up on the new slang that may have come about since the 1980 period. What exactly is the definition of Steam Punk?
Geoff Thrower
Aug 19, 2017

You would love our local baristas