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New Posts
  • Harriett Goodale
    Aug 14

    My partner passed away recently; he was a hoarder and collector of curio, and I've inherited an enormous amount of stuff. Much as it pains me I simply have to sell some of it as I am soon to be evicted and there is far more than I can possibly keep. One item of particular interest is this very old and unusual boiler. It has some very archaic features, for example it has sliding cast iron balls which can be moved to control one of the valves. I have no knowledge in this area and I've scoured the internet to no avail. There is no maker's plate, no information on it at all. Can anybody tell me anything about it? I thought it was from a steam engine, is that correct? How old is it? Who made it? What was it for? What I might reasonably expect to sell it for? Any and all information would be most gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. Hattie
  • cartertompaul17
    May 28

    Long story short I inherited a partially built 5" Boxhill Terrier chassis and the castings, according to Martin Evans plan it should have axle lubrication but it has been built without any? See enclosed photos. I searched photos and articles but can't find a definitive answer: do I need to installed or not? Any pointers to a good website that has details etc. Any help much appreciated - please
  • CastingIronEngines
    May 13

    I saw a photo of a green twin oscillating steam engine on the Preston Services website a few years ago, and a Canadian buddy of mine challenged me to make one. Long story short, I built a foundry, used a 3D modeling program to model the engine using 3 photos, made the patterns, and cast the parts for a 60% scale engine. I recently got the engine running, and it can be viewed here: The plan at this point is to finish the painting work on the engine, and publish it in Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading magazine. It was a long journey to learn the foundry work, but I was able to cast some of the parts in gray iron, with the remainder being cast in 356 aluminum.