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This section is dedicated to all things 'boilers'.

Nov 6

Hi everybody, I am having a problem with my boiler when we start up ion the mornings, The boiler is up to pressure at 110psi and when we start up our tunnel ( lavatec LT 50 ) and the steam valve
Harriett Goodale
Aug 14

My partner passed away recently; he was a hoarder and collector of curio, and I've inherited an enormous amount of stuff. Much as it pains me I simply have to sell some of it as I am soon to be evicte
Gerald Gardiner
Nov 28, 2017

Hi Guys, I ran into a fellow who I had worked with 40years back doing building maintenance. While having coffee and catching up on who is now dead, who screwed up big, who got fired and what we were
Sep 25, 2017

How do you work out the size of boiler required for any given size of steam engine?
Sep 9, 2017

Hi I am wanting to start out in model steam engines and are wondering how much it would cost to build a boiler for a 3 1/2 inch locomotive. At the moment I am looking at a moutaineer steam locomotive
Aug 16, 2017

Hello keith, i have a question, i am planning to build my own boiler. But it is for a small brass engine. Should/ can i use a superheater in my boiler? With kind regards, Mitchel
Oct 1

Hi - I'm new to the world of steam and have begun building a small vertical boiler (3" diameter) to run small simple engines that I have yet to build. I'm discovering that it's quite difficult to find
Oct 14, 2018

Hello, repairing my sons small engine/boiler that was leaking around the sight glass. What type of seal/sealant should be used? I'm a gas engine and tractor guy, no steam experience. Thanks, Tom
Oct 7, 2017

Hi Keith, What a great idea for you and your daughter to start a forum. I thought I'd share a little about the boiler I have been working on if you don't mind. I have been asking you all sorts of ques
Sep 19, 2017

Hi Charlotte, Can you ask your dad what safety valve he recomends? I've watched many of his videos and remember him commenting on how he didnt like the sound of some safety valves. I'd like something
Aug 24, 2017

Hi Keith I have a very nicly made scotch boiler that i am completing that was built by an experanced model engineer who has since passed away. I am confident that it has been built well and I have be