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Milan Antic
Oct 31

Hello everyone! Check out my homemade wilesco and mamod gas burners and tell me what you think. Gas valve, fits on gas cartridges that have thread valve 7/16", aluminium burner tray with venturi and
May 23

Hi Keith, thanks for taking the time to video this comprehensive tutorial on the strip down repair and rebuild of this lovely Stuart 5A Engine I a well equipped workshop Inc. Milling machine, centr
May 23

As an enthusiast of Stuart Turners engines i have an ever growing collection of their engines. To fund this i have taken to buying engines that have been left too long in the shed or never finished, r
Anton van Staden
May 22

I am a novice machinist and would very much like to build my first Stuart model Steam engine, but what engine would you suggest i start with? Have built two wobbler steam engines form scratch material
Sep 6, 2018

Hello everyone... my name is Jason and I am from Northern Ontario. I recently purchased some steam engines from an estate sale and there is one that is rather interesting. It looks like a Stuart S50 m
Joshua Kilen
Jun 25, 2018

Hello My name is Joshua Kilen and I am from the US. I am wondering what is the best type of compressed air lubricator? A fog/mist type or a Oil drop type? The steam engines I am will be running are in
Jun 16, 2018

I am building this engine from the plans available here :- and would like some advice as to how to machine this
KM6VV Marconett
Jun 15, 2018

I've been watching a video on "Stationary Steam Engines - Steam Powered Rice Mills in Thailand". These engines are two cylinder, horizontal, expansion engines, with the pistons in-line (single piston
Константин Никитин
May 5, 2018

Jan 27, 2018

Just thought I'd share pictures of my toy steam engines designed and manufactured by my grandfather in the late 1940's.  I have the blue prints, patents, original company stock offerings, lead prototy
J. Meaney
May 28

I recently acquired a Stuart Turner 3MTB stationary engine. Unfortunately the slide valve and ancillary parts are missing. does any have or know where I could get drawing of these parts. I have contac
May 23

Charlotte - can you ask you Dad about model steam governors where they can be found and if he knows of any kits that are available. I am building a scale man cave (1/12 scale) so when my granddaughte
KM6VV Marconett
May 22

I'm studying the reversing gear plans for the Stuart 10V, and although I understand the Stephenson gear (I think), I can't see what the range of steam admission is. I thought one set the eccentric at
May 13

I saw a photo of a green twin oscillating steam engine on the Preston Services website a few years ago, and a Canadian buddy of mine challenged me to make one. Long story short, I built a foundry, use
Aug 9, 2018

I've been building a Model Maker steam engine from solid billet (no castings). I have deviated from the blueprints by adding reversing gear to the engine. I have set up temporary adjustable valve ro
Jun 16, 2018

Hi I have bought a well made single Victoria After running very well for some months on air the crank web now spins on the crankshaft There is no pin or grub-screw fitted, nor a keyway What is the met
Hugh Coleman
Jun 16, 2018

Hello I'm Hugh and I've been watching Keith's Videos for a few years now. Based in Melbourne Australia, I trained thirty years ago as a fitter and turner/tool maker but then over time ended up behind
May 30, 2018

Hello I have a, NOT very well made Sun engine, will have to make quite a few new parts? And would like to find the machine drawings for this engine? I have look the net over and over with no luck? Wou
Stuart Evans
Mar 19, 2018

This is my Stuart Turner No.9 and 10v steam plant with a Stuart Turner Babcock 504 boiler this wasn't built by myself it was bought on eBay in March 2011 and built by a very talented West Midlands mod
Nov 27, 2017

Hi I am thinking about building a metre Maid for my first locomotive because I can get a boiler made for it so I don't have to build one myself. But I am wondering what sort of size lathe I would need