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Oct 10, 2017

The Winson Lyn Engine Project




This is a call out to anyone that purchased a Winson Lyn Engine kit.


I would like to communicate with anyone that has had experience with this particular engine and getting it to run. I have had the luck to contact a few live steamers in England in the past but sadly have lost my email contacts to them.


I understand the Winson Company went out of business many years ago, having only delivered half of the original 18 sub assembly kits. It was to be a bolt together project.


The Lyn was an English gauged Baldwin 2-4-2 built in the U.S.A. and shipped to England for the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway. I understand it was scrapped in 1935. I understand there is a reproduction in the works


I stumbled on a partial Winson kit sitting on a table in the rain a few years ago and it called to my like a sick puppy. This was at a live steam meet in Largo Florida, USA. It had been abandoned then years prior as the original purchaser was seriously disgruntled over paying $18,000.00 for something that only half was delivered. I picked up the parts for $200.00 and drug it home in the wife’s van. The smell never came out and she ended up with a new van. I had to factor that into the cost of the project.


Looking back, I realize there are days you should just walk away.


What I found and brought home that day.





Well here I sit years later and it runs on air. It has slowly morphing into a Baldwin 0-4-4 which is an American narrow gauge engine.

Oct 10, 2017

Between February and July of 2013 I spent many a night on rust removal. Then there was the remaking of a lot of parts. I should mention that there were no drawings at this point. I was to be helped immensly by a modeler in England who had access to many of the original files after Winson closed.


Here the engine is running on a air compressor. I have much to learn about timing.


after this life got in the way and the engine has set in the shop. I am now back at it working on the brake system and soon to start the boiler


Oct 11, 2017

I would ask all the members from England for what I am about to post.


I am not completing the Lyn as the Lyn. Interestingly enough the Baldwin produced an engine in a Forney Configuration here in America that had a close frame layout. So the Lyn is to be a 0-4-4 Forney with the new name of Rust Bucket. My first posted picture may help explain the name.






The look below is more what I am building to.



When you laid the drawings of the Lyn over the Forney drawings the main drivers diameter and spacing matched up. The boiler will be 10 inches instead of the 9 inch diamter




Oct 11, 2017

Along the way Pictures.


As bad as all the outside looked. The pistons were in this condition after setting in a wet storage building for ten years.

Oct 15, 2017

I have a few photos of completed Lyn projects but have lost the information as to builders or owners.


If anyone should have information on them would you please have them Email me thru Charlotte.



Oct 15, 2017




This last photo is of an engine in California

New Posts
  • CastingIronEngines
    May 13

    I saw a photo of a green twin oscillating steam engine on the Preston Services website a few years ago, and a Canadian buddy of mine challenged me to make one. Long story short, I built a foundry, used a 3D modeling program to model the engine using 3 photos, made the patterns, and cast the parts for a 60% scale engine. I recently got the engine running, and it can be viewed here: The plan at this point is to finish the painting work on the engine, and publish it in Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading magazine. It was a long journey to learn the foundry work, but I was able to cast some of the parts in gray iron, with the remainder being cast in 356 aluminum.
  • J. Meaney
    May 28

    I recently acquired a Stuart Turner 3MTB stationary engine. Unfortunately the slide valve and ancillary parts are missing. does any have or know where I could get drawing of these parts. I have contacted Stuart Turner who no longer have any of the old drawings or parts. Below is a top view of the valve chest. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • jatolton
    Sep 6, 2018

    Hello everyone... my name is Jason and I am from Northern Ontario. I recently purchased some steam engines from an estate sale and there is one that is rather interesting. It looks like a Stuart S50 model like right down to the nuts and bolt pattern on the valve cover.... although the crank web on mine is bell shaped where on the early Stuart S50 it is round. The people at Stuart in the UK think it is a 40's ish model based on the photos. I questioned mine because it does not have the Stuart nameplate on the top of the base... where it is located on engine. They sent me a picture of an old model without the Stuart sign on the top of the base but at the bottom instead. The people in the UK say that picture has the Stuart sign on it is photo shopped and there is really not one on it at all. On the pictures of my engine I have put a gold ring on where the Stuart sign is normally. I have never seen a knock-off anywhere online. Opinions are certainly appreciated. Stuart thinks I have the real deal.... and possibly a gem. Any thoughts on the engine? condition, authenticity, value? Thanks so much, Sincerely, Jason.