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Stuart Evans
Nov 7, 2017



Edited: Jan 28, 2018

This is my Stuart Turner No.9 and 10v steam plant with a Stuart Turner Babcock 504 boiler this wasn't built by myself it was bought on eBay in March 2011 and built by a very talented West Midlands model engineer but i added to it by machining and building a Stuart Turner 10v vertical steam engine along with all the extra associated copper pipework which i was a little apprehensive about doing given my 1st attemps were a disaster on my 1st steam plant but following Keith's YouTube model engineering steam videos.

I got the confidence to add my Stuart 10v vertical steam engine along with all the extra associated copper pipework without messing up the appearance of this fantastically engineered model steam plants look of the original owners pipework installation on this steam plant i have also replaced the external Stuart Turner gas poker burner with two Campingaz Tristar 2600btu gas burners connected to one Campingaz 904 gas bottle via a twin tap regulation valves on high pressure gas which keeps the 504 boiler maintained at 60psi whilst running both engines although one burner can be switched off if the safety valve blows off at anytime during running.



I also added a large steam whistle mounted on the right hand side of the 504's boiler smoke box parallel to the chimney on a brass bracket fabricated from some brass angle bent into shape and silver soldered into a right angle bracket to bolt to the boilers smokebox the steam plant is fitted with one of Keith Appletons steam oil trap condensers and a matching water feed tank that Keith made for the previous owner of this steam plant which feeds the boiler with water via the Stuart No.9's boiler feed pump via a bypass valve that redirects water back to the feed tank when the tap is opened once the boiler level is up to a satisfactory water level but it can be set to maintain the water level as the boiler level drops in the sight glass as steam is used by the two engines.


Jed Pusczykowski
Jan 28, 2018

I have wanted to comment on your videos on youtube. I love the arrangement of this plant. I was wondering what the mesh tray at the front of the plant was for?

Stuart Evans
Jan 28, 2018Edited: Jan 28, 2018

Hi there under the stainless steel mesh is a brass lined condensate drain tray that the 10v engine exhaust is discharged to as well as the boiler water gauge blow down and condenser made by Keith Appleton Mainsteam also drains to when it needs emptying then you can just slide out the condensate tray and tip it into a suitable waste condensate and gunk container below is a picture of that condensate drain tray pulled out slightly as the y just pulls out for emptying the soft soldering on the brass tray liner isn't very pretty but then it doesn't have to be since it's only a condensate and oily sludge drain tray hidden below the main steam plant base plate for all of the water and oil sludge from the steam engines.


Jed Pusczykowski
Mar 18, 2018

That is a great feature! Just like a Wilesco D32. I am in the midst of building a 2nd No9. This one will be fitted with a pump. I watched the videos twice this weekend.

Stuart Evans
Mar 19, 2018

Thanks Jed Pusczykowski.

New Posts
  • CastingIronEngines
    May 13

    I saw a photo of a green twin oscillating steam engine on the Preston Services website a few years ago, and a Canadian buddy of mine challenged me to make one. Long story short, I built a foundry, used a 3D modeling program to model the engine using 3 photos, made the patterns, and cast the parts for a 60% scale engine. I recently got the engine running, and it can be viewed here: The plan at this point is to finish the painting work on the engine, and publish it in Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading magazine. It was a long journey to learn the foundry work, but I was able to cast some of the parts in gray iron, with the remainder being cast in 356 aluminum.
  • J. Meaney
    May 28

    I recently acquired a Stuart Turner 3MTB stationary engine. Unfortunately the slide valve and ancillary parts are missing. does any have or know where I could get drawing of these parts. I have contacted Stuart Turner who no longer have any of the old drawings or parts. Below is a top view of the valve chest. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • jatolton
    Sep 6, 2018

    Hello everyone... my name is Jason and I am from Northern Ontario. I recently purchased some steam engines from an estate sale and there is one that is rather interesting. It looks like a Stuart S50 model like right down to the nuts and bolt pattern on the valve cover.... although the crank web on mine is bell shaped where on the early Stuart S50 it is round. The people at Stuart in the UK think it is a 40's ish model based on the photos. I questioned mine because it does not have the Stuart nameplate on the top of the base... where it is located on engine. They sent me a picture of an old model without the Stuart sign on the top of the base but at the bottom instead. The people in the UK say that picture has the Stuart sign on it is photo shopped and there is really not one on it at all. On the pictures of my engine I have put a gold ring on where the Stuart sign is normally. I have never seen a knock-off anywhere online. Opinions are certainly appreciated. Stuart thinks I have the real deal.... and possibly a gem. Any thoughts on the engine? condition, authenticity, value? Thanks so much, Sincerely, Jason.