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Aug 19, 2017



I am fortunate to have a 14x30 Hendy lathe. ~25 years ago I overhauled it, reground the bed, and fitted a VFD to replace the old thyratron DC tube drive. Although the DC drive worked exceptionally well, it was becoming very temperamental and would often emit sparks, noise and allow the magic smoke to escape. The selenium rectifiers were becoming a pyrotechnic source. The VFD drive is wonderful and allows a speed change with the twist of a knob.


It has a D1-6 spindle which allows easy and precise chuck changes. Should you be in the market for a lathe, the D1 camlock spindle is superior to threaded spindles or the LO tapered style. Popular sizes for us model builders are D1-4 and D1-6


I have the usual 3 and 4 jaw chucks, but what is used for the majority of small work are collets. I have a Hardinge collet closer and a series of 2J collets. A nearly full set of round, square and hex collets have been accumulated from auctions, machine tool dealers, and shops that are closing. Should your machine take 5C collets, everything is available in that series.


Collets offer a higher degree of on center work holding, no jaw marks, and precision clamping of delicate pieces. Larger diameter pieces can be held by clutch collets.


Work piece holding is the foundation of your work. It doesn't matter if it is your bench vice, milling machine vice, or lathe, having the highest quality tools that the budget allows cannot be understated.





Aug 19, 2017





Frank Donahue
Aug 20, 2017

that is a wonderful lathe old and in good shape is the best of both worlds, May you enjoy it well for many years to come

New Posts
  • Noisy Andrew
    Jun 17, 2018

    I came home form Hairy Forebears (Hare & Forbes, our local machinery shop) with 250kg of semi precision metal. I imagine the thing and I may have a initial problems communicating as it speaks Mandarin with a Deutsche accent. But it seems happy to be sitting in my workshop (aka glorified garage) for the moment. I'l post a pic and thoughts about it when I have it assembled and on a bench. This household blames you for the sudden need to create swarf. ~ smiles ~ Actually the need is not all that sudden. You've just poked me along. so forum members, I'f you've just bought a machine? Why not use this thread to post a pic of your new setup (with initial costs to get going etc), as a guide to folk who may want to get grease under their fingers
  • lonniekoehn
    Jun 7, 2018

    I am having a devil of a time trying to find anything ba or me here in the states. Im fairly new to the world of model engineering so I’m still figuring out where to source all the fiddly bits that are required. I’m currently machining out a stuart double 10. Is anyone aware of any dealers here in the states I can find “ba“ bolts and nuts and “me“ fittings? As of now it appears as though I will be ordering everything from across the pond and paying out of the nose for shipping. Any advise you experienced gentlemen and ladies can send my way will be greatly appreciated.
  • charliepipes
    Jun 17, 2018

    In Keith's video ASSEMBLING A HIGH QUALITY MODEL STEAM PLANT - PART #16 he discusses a set of BA wrenches that are available from Blackgates. Living in the U.S.A. I have acquired a number of English Steam Projects. To date I have not found an American supplier that could help me with the BA stuff. So I ordered the ones in the video. I was contacted by Jacquie from Blackgates the next day and thru the wonder of the internet they should be here this week. Total cost in the USA with shipping was $14.00.