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Charlotte Appleton
Aug 19, 2017

Forum Colour Scheme.


Due to recent user emails describing problems with the forum's colour scheme, I have changed it to good old black and white. Some users (it seems to be Windows and Internet Explorer users) were viewing a white box and white text colour when typing. That's no good really is it!? So I hope this colour scheme works for everyone.


Thank you for the feedback, I will do everything I can to make sure the forum works well for all members :)

Henry Artist
Aug 20, 2017


* Polite golf clap *

Charlotte Appleton
Aug 20, 2017

Glad you can see your letters now Henry !

Noisy Andrew
Aug 23, 2017Edited: Aug 23, 2017

Who'd have thought Windows and IE (explorer) would be a problem?

~rolls eyes~

While it seems most people on the interwebs use Chrome (google), there are many other good browsers out there for the folk who are not fans of Google. These work a little snappier than IE and are much more secure.. Firefox is a reasonable choice too.

You'll likely get a better experience all over the web and not just on Steamclinic..

New Posts
  • cartertompaul17
    May 28

    Long story short I inherited a partially built 5" Boxhill Terrier chassis and the castings, according to Martin Evans plan it should have axle lubrication but it has been built without any? See enclosed photos. I searched photos and articles but can't find a definitive answer: do I need to installed or not? Any pointers to a good website that has details etc. Any help much appreciated - please
  • Jed Pusczykowski
    Oct 13, 2017

    Charlotte, I have noticed that your father uses a lot of steam powered boiler feed pumps. I have recently completed a stuart model feed pump with semi-success. Has your father ever built one from Stuart. Very simple design, but its been a bit of an expensive and frustrating experience. I have watched tons of videos of them working sweetly, but mine, not so much. Jed
  • Charlotte Appleton
    Sep 8, 2017

    Hi everyone, just a quick update about our website reach since launching (16th August 2017). People from 861 cities spread over 48 countries have visited this website as of today. English US and English GB are the top two languages of users visiting the website however the list of user language settings is now 38 different languages. It's a good job I made the website phone and tablet friendly because according to the statistics, this website has been accessed through 159 different types of mobile/tablet devices as well as through laptops and PC's. It's building every day and with over 1,074 returnee visitors, what is being added to the forum is being heard. Pretty cool eh? xx